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What is the IMA?

The IMA is the leading professional organization devoted exclusively to management accounting and financial management. As set forth in its mission and vision statements, its goals are to help members develop both personally and professionally, by means of education, certification, and association with other business professionals.

The IMA is a non-profit organization, founded in 1919 and led by its members. It has become the leading voice of accounting, financial, and information management executives. The IMA is an invaluable source of professional development for IMA members and their companies.

As a respected leader within the global financial community, the IMA influences the concepts and ethical practices in management accounting and financial management. Its ethical standards provide guidance to practitioners for maintaining the highest levels of ethical conduct.

Joining the IMA

We invite you to review the benefits of IMA Membership, and to learn more about the IMA. When you’re ready, fill out the membership application  to join. It’s a step to greater professional fulfillment and advancement.

IMA Benefits

The IMA provides members with extensive opportunities to build their professional knowledge and  advance their careers. A few of those opportunities include:

A complete list of IMA Benefits can be found here:  IMA Resources and Benefits

IMA Publications

Strategic Finance Magazine, the flagship publication of the IMA, is a monthly publication covering the world of finance and accounting with clear, concise and thought-provoking articles. It also offers guidance to help financial professionals advance their careers. The Strategic Finance Magazine is included in the annual IMA membership dues.

IMA Bellevue/Eastside Chapter History

The Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) Bellevue/Eastside Chapter was dedicated to educating and assisting the professional development of management accounting, financial management and related business professionals.

The Bellevue chapter was formed by separating from the Seattle Chapter in October 1982. The Bellevue/Eastside Chapter was part of the Stevenson Division which consists of 156 chapters from all over the United States. Typical membership of the Bellevue/Eastside Chapter was approximately 250 members.

Bellevue/Eastside Charter Members
Adele Brady Bolson Leroy R. Busnell Patrick R. Charles Barbara K. Coplen
Michael B. Grain Ann E. Custin John Fedor Jack L. Haines
Marilyn J. Hill Jeffrey M. Hossman Roger L. King David E. Louisell
Arthur P. Mitchell Bruce Murray Marianne Schulz Paul L. Shillam
Daniel Winchester A. E. Daniel
Emeritus Life Members
C. Ferrin Lauve Frank V. Sincock William R. Blakenship, CPA
Bellevue/Eastside Past Presidents
1982-1983 John Fedor 1983-1984 Arthur W. Day, Jr. 1984-1985 Richard Fox
1985-1986 Roger King 1986-1987 Bruce Murray 1987-1988 Dennis Schneider
1988-1989 Fred W. Gallimore 1989-1990 Milt D. Vine 1990-1991 Walt Giesen
1991-1992 Claudia Campbell 1992-1993 Greg Beams 1993-1994 Ruth Morgan
1994-1995 C. Ferrin Lauve 1995-1996 Julia Tai 1996-1997 Douglas Speer
1997-1998 Stephen Johnson 1998-1999 Robbin Lawson 1999-2000 Gerald Twitchell
2000-2001 Jeff Miller 2001-2002 Jeff Miller 2002-2003 Evelyn Eng
2003-2004 R. David Clayton 2004-2005 Navid Veiseh 2005-2006 Navid Veiseh
2006-2007 Robbin Lawson 2007-2008 Zaneta Noreikaite 2008-2009 Zaneta Noreikaite
2009-2010 Zaneta Noreikaite July 1, 2010 Bellevue & Seattle Chapters Merge

Stuart Cameron McLeod Society

Founded in 1934, this special organization was formed to recognize current and past National Officers and directors of the IMA. The Stuart Cameron McLeod Society provides an opportunity for its members to offer leadership and guidance in the development, growth and expansion of the Institute as well as promote and perpetuate friendships developed through service in the Institute. The Bellevue chapter has three members of the Stuart Cameron McLeod Society:

Roger L. King    |    John Fedor, CPA    |    Fred W. Gallimore